Manufacturer of Products - Solar panels are produced in the most energy efficient manner and it has been calculated that each panel generates a minimum of four (4) times the energy used to manufacture the glass and silicon components.

Solar lights produce no pollution or harmful environmental effects. To the extent that they produce light that otherwise is sourced from fossil-fuel generation, solar lights specifically eliminate pollution and are the best technical choice for performance and economics.

A solar panel has a life expectancy in excess of 25 years and can be easily relocated from site to site.

The cabling used to connect batteries to controls is sheathed in non-PVC material. Poles are manufactured from steel, which is sand-blasted and zinc-coated. This is in preference to and superior to energy intensive hot-dipped Electrolytic Galvanising processes.

Recycle Capabilities - All Solar light components can be recycled, however minimum life expectancies are in excess of 25 years except for batteries (up to 10 years). The recycled market for such products already exist in Australia.

Examples of the our Solar Lighting range and applications:
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Remote Areas


Warning Signs




Car parks


BBQ Areas


Walkways (at night)

Walkways (at night)

Parks (at night)

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