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Free Heat Industries provides you with a time tested, highly efficient, Australian Made solution to your Solar Pool Heating needs.

A Solar Heating system designed and supplied by Free Heat, is an affordable investment, and uses the latest technology to give you the best result from the Sun’s abundant Free Energy.  

Friendly to the environment and very economical to operate. 

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Unique PATENTED SHAPE of the Free Heat solar collector is the secret.

Solar radiation travels in parallel lines.

1. The three flat surfaces surrounding all 8 water tubes on the Free Heat solar collector increases the total physical surface area exposed to the sun's radiation. 
More area equals more heat absorbed and transferred to the water at any given point of time.

2. A flat surface will absorb the incoming radiation more intensely than any tube that has a round, oval, or ribbed outer surface. The space between each tube acts as a heat sink, retaining a higher surface area temperature on the collector.

3. Our latest innovation has been to compress the normally round water channel within each tube into an oval shape                                 

4. Collector Template

By spreading the water over a thinner and wider section, the heat absorbed by the collector is given up to the water quicker, enabling it to heat a greater volume, faster.

The oval shape of the tube spiral’s the water flowing within, exposing the entire volume of water to the larger, more intense area of radiation being absorbed by the flat, outer surfaces.

The end result is that your pool will heat up quicker and achieve a higher nett temperature gain in a shorter amount of operating time. Cheaper to run overall.

“As the flat surfaces of the tubes absorb up to 19% more incident heat from the sun's rays by comparison to the ordinary round tubed solar absorbers or panels, you can see that there will be a corresponding increase in the heat absorbed by the circulating water in the tubes, thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the Free Heat Solar Pool Heating unit when compared to other systems”.

"Patent Extract."


The design and efficiency of a Free Heat solar pool heating system is determined by a number of factors. 

Firstly, by location.

In Australia

Are you in a warmer climate, Sydney, Port Macquarie, Gold Coast, Brisbane to Mackay up to Cairns, or the colder regions of Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide or Perth?

NewZealand: North or South Island?

For the Southern Hemisphere: 

1. Any roof, tiled or metal that is sloping towards the North is clearly the most efficient.

2. Free Heat solar pool heating is successful because it will be professionally designed to suit your requirements relative to the direction it faces, and will be effective anywhere from an Easterly direction through to North or through to the West.

Free Heat solar pool heating on a Flat Roof is also excellent because we have the flat surfaces on the tubing that mimic the slope of a normal roof.

Our designs are successful when an area of land can be used located near to the pool, if a suitable roof is not available. 

3. The number of square metres of solar collector that are installed compared to the pool size, surface area, its depth and water volume to be heated. 

4. The minimum recognised guidelines are to start with the same surface area as the pool, duplicated as solar collector.
eg: 9m x 4m pool = 36 sqm solar collector.

Be cautious when claims are made such as the following:

*Our solar collector is so efficient we don't need to use as many square metres.

*Our solar collector has more lineal metres of tubing per square metre therefore we need less sq metres of area….

The truth is this:

There is a finite amount of solar radiation that falls onto a square metre of solar collector per day. 

The less square metres of solar collector area you end up with, the less heat you can gain. 

5. A typical Free Heat Solar Pool Heater will extend your pools usage from the average, unheated pool swim time of 4 to 5 months, out to a fabulous 9 to 11 months in Queensland. 


integra solar pool heating unit

Keeping it Simple has always been our motto. 

The Free Heat INTEGRA and  ULTIMAA, DIGITAL Temperature Controllers – 

No other control devices have as many features and are so simple to use.

We have 6 main models to choose from depending on how your pool has been piped and what other accessories you use.

Including a radio remote controlled unit and one that can control multifunction solar with other heater installations to minimise running costs. 

INTEGRA  Model, shown above, no timer.

Used for older pools with only the filter piping available. 

ultimaa solar pool heating unit

 ULTIMAA            Timer model.  Battery Backup 

Used for Newer pools that have separate pipes fitted into the pool shell for heating. 

The 3 buttons on the front of the controller control the menu functionality, setting the clock, setting the temperature required, On and OFF, manual override etc.


Enables you to set a temperature for the pool and the unit will heat the pool during the day if needed and cool it down at night to the set temperature.

Our controllers can self diagnose, minimising maintenance.

Once turned ON , a temperature test cycle will begin which lasts for about 3 to 4 minutes.

During this time the solar pump circulates water through the Free Heat solar pool heating system and the blue and red sensors monitor the temperature differential between the pool water and the roof temperature.

Assuming that the roof sensor is hotter than the pool water by 5 degrees Celsius, and that the pool is not up to its set temperature, the solar pump will continue to send the pool or spa water through the solar collector until the pool actually reaches the set temperature on the digital readout.

If the returning water comes back within the 1 degree differential the controller senses this and shuts the pump down because there would be no appreciable gain to the pool at that point.

If the test cycle reveals insufficient heat, the controller will continue to monitor and a repeat test cycle will occur within 15 to 20 minutes.

In Auto, set the Temperature to the exact temperature you would like, relax & enjoy.

The Digital display tells you everything you want to know without touching buttons, its casing is weather proof but we recommend protecting all equipment from the weather.


The unique dovetail mechanical keyway between each tube ensures that the solar pool heating system will be securely bonded to its mounting surface by our recommended cold setting S870 adhesive.

A polypropylene Clip system is available, if preferred.

• Each water channel is totally exposed to the sun side which is where the most heat comes from. (refer to template sketch above)

• Every Free Heat solar pool heating system is designed specifically to suit your requirements, to maximise its efficiency, to extend your swimming season, and to blend aesthetically in to your home's environment so it becomes an asset you can rely upon.

• Adherence to our recommendations and the attention to detail, by colour matching pipe work to the walls and roof, ensuring the piping is neat and tidy, shaping the solar absorber to fit neatly into the available roof space, guarantees you an investment you will be proud of, and one you will be happy to recommend to others.

The DIY handyman kits we supply and design come with a comprehensive instructions manual to fit and operate plus" by phone" assistance during installation.

• Our systems come with stainless steel storm banding in high risk areas such as in Queensland.


The robust, non collapsible Free Heat solar collector is also used as a heat exchanger to both collect and distribute heat in seedling propogation, by food and flower growers throughout the Hydroponic industry.

• Many unusual horticulture applications such as:

• In Aquaculture: Prawn Farming, Crocodile Hatcheries, Chicken Hatcheries, Piggeries, Heat recovery.
• Underfloor Hydronic heating.
• Commercial pool heating, high volume pre-heating of water for Hotels, Motels,and Laundry hotwater systems.

Free Heat Solar Pool Heating agencies are available across Australia, WA in particular, and in the North Island of NZ . International interest welcome – call now.
$25,000 gets you started- covers initial stock and training.

We look forward to hear from you to assist with your new heating system.

Gallery of FREE HEAT pool heaters
Reedy Creek Southport Sovereign Island
Mermaid Beach Nerang 1 Oxenford
Graceville Hope Island Kingscliff
Gavan Currumbin Gold Coast Gold Coast
Casuarina Kingscliff Bonogin 1 Bonogin 2
Emerald Carina Brisbane Cashmere Brisbane
Daisy Pool Cover Daisy Pool Cover 2 Gas Pool Heating
Nerang Tallai Yatala
Currumbin Gavin Mt Gravatt
Arundel Bribie Island Chapel Hill, Brisbane
Runaway Bay Gold Coast Qld Benowa
Burleigh Waters Perth WA Banora Point
Canungra Currumbin Valley QLD
Gold Coast
Mandurah WA
Broadbeach QLD Redland Bay QLD Port Macquarie NSW
Byron Bay NSW Raby Bay QLD Mermaid Waters QLD
Alstonville NSW Kingscliff NSW Broome WA
Evans Head NSW Hope Island QLD Christchurch NZ
Coolangatta Paradise Point QLD Mudgeeraba
Northern Rivers
Pool Heating  

Examples of the
Free Heat Choice
for Commercial 
Pool Heating:
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West End West End 2


Edge on Beaches Apartments in Agnes Waters Qld

Karalundi WA.
Temperature  at 73.6C within the Free Heat solar collector , day temperature was 33C ambient.
Taken at 1.30pm.

Karalundi Covers
Karalundi FHI Solar Karalundi Plant Room

Karalundi Aboriginal Education Community Pool, north of Meekathara
Western Australia.

Townsville Noosa Heads Sydney

Examples of the
Free Heat Choice
for DIY pool heating:

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Canterbury, Christchurch, Auckland, Nelson, New Zealand

Free Heat Choice
for Colourmatched Pool Heating:

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Examples of the
Wrong Choice 
for pool heating:  (Done by others)

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