A coating doesn’t have to be white to be cool… As an Architect, Builder or Homeowner, rich dark colour is an important part of your building design and decoration. Unfortunately, dark colours soak up the sun and get hotter and hotter as the day progresses. As a result, building temperature and power consumption are increased and greater demand is placed on our environment and global resources.

In a world that now demands we be more energy efficient and recourse conscious, the use of dark colour, although attractive, created a new design challenge for our industry to overcome. It would be the “holy grail” in coating technology, to achieve a black or deep tone that would reflect solar heat and stay cool.


The exponential growth of urban areas has produced what science now calls “urban heat islands” with the major contributing factor being heat-absorbing roofing walls and pavements.

As a result of ongoing research and development into heat reflective coatings Astec developed a new technology of colour infused nano ceramics that reflect heat by selective reflection of infrared light. This technology has enabled us to offer dark colour exterior coatings that reflect fully 50% of Solar energy and provide positive results for our environment and consumers.


The successful development of Energy Star® enables you to make choices to provide positive contributions to our global environment with reductions in Urban Heat, Smog and through it’s energy efficiency, help reduce Co2 emissions.

Our environment is constantly changing and we are all making choices that have an impact now and into the future. Choose Energy Star® with confidence and Paint with Pride.
  Keep your Cool this Summer. 

An Independent Licensed Painting applicator is available to quote, supply and apply.

All sized applications from sheds to homes and factories for these State of the Art , Australian Made and owned * Heat- Reflective Thermal Coatings.* Full Colour Range.
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